Saturday, 3 July 2010

Winter Leaves Shawl complete

I'm very pleased with how this project turned out. Actually it was quite a fast knit.

I've used the same borders as Anusla used on her "Frozen Leaves" shawl and I designed it to be knit straight through from bottom to top. That means no provisional (temporary) cast on and no kitchener stitch grafting. Yay! It doesn't matter to me that the leaves are all going in the same direction. When the shawl is being worn the leaves grow up on one side and down on the other. I know this bothers some people, but in the interest of easy knitting I'm happy. In fact, it's more true to nature anyway. As I look out my window at the vines, the leaves are looking in all directions:)

I'm almost finished making the pattern which will be offered free on Ravelry and here if I can work out how to do it.
I'm looking for some test knitters. Please let me know if you're interested. You can use lace or fingering yarn, and make it wider if you like.

The next 2 photos show how I blocked the shawl. I wasn't sure how I would block the curved leaf edges along the length. I started by threading the blocking wires through the very outermost tips of the leaves on both sides so I could stretch the width out evenly. I pinned the rods in place then threaded 2 more rods through the ends, catching them in the points made but the yo's in the borders. My intension was to use mega lots of pins to shape the leaf edges in curves but common sense prevailed and I just carefully took out the side rods replacing them with a single pin in each leaf. If I had left the side rods there, it would have made bumps in the edges...not good. I had trouble getting the edges looking good at each end (borders), so the rods you can see along the long edges in the photos are woven into the lace holes at the very ends to keep them straight. They are just resting on top of the shawl along the rest of the edges. Clear as mud??

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Jenny said...

I love your design, this is really beautiful. I want to knit it in a soft green yarn :-)

Dziergam Sobie said...

Beautiful shawl. I have just finished mine. Thanks for the chart!